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COMMONS is a five-year initiative supported by the Swedish Research Council, with the aim of promoting cooperation in chemical research related to biomembrane and biomolecular interactions. Through the establishment of a research...[more]


Benedikt Sohmen, Christian Beck, Veronika Frank, Tilo Seydel, Ingo Hoffmann, Bianca Hermann, Mark Nüesch, Marco Grimaldo, Frank Schreiber, Steffen Wolf, Felix Roosen-Runge, Thorsten...[more]


The Royal Physiographic Society of Lund has decided to award Marco Fornasier, Jing Hu and Kenneth Or endowments for the Natural Sciences, Medicine and Technology - Chemistry Marco Fornasier: Project title: Hydrodynamic forces to...[more]


The Swedish Neutron Scattering Society (SNSS, is an organization open to all those who are using, or interested in the use of, neutron scattering techniques in Sweden. There are currently about 200 members from...[more]


The Center will be lead by  Emma Sparr, Martin Malmsten, Sara Linse (CMPS, LU) and Fredrik Höök (Chalmers). The overarching aim is to establish a multifaceted scientific environment focused on unifying physicochemical...[more]


Tommy Nylander has received the Lectureship Award of the Japanese colloid and interface society. He will give the award lecture at the Annual Colloid and Surface chemistry meeting in Nagano, Sept 2023...[more]


The European Academy of Sciences (EurASc) recently elected Martin Malmsten as Fellow. EurASc is an international association of distinguished scholars that aims to strengthen European science and scientific...[more]


Luke Clifton, Hanna P. Wacklin-Knecht, Jörgen Ådén, Ameeq Ul Mushtaq, Tobias Sparrman, Gerhard Gröbner, Creation of distinctive Bax-lipid complexes at mitochondrial membrane surfaces drives pore information to initiate apoptosis,...[more]


Marshall Ringisayi Machingauta, PHD STUDENT at our division, HAS FOR 2023 BEEN awarded the Sahlberg Scholarship for his Master’s thesis “Development and characterization of an eco-friendly cosmeceutical formulation with optimal...[more]


Congratulations Dr Katarzyna Makasewicz (ETH Zürich Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering) and Dr Andrea Ridolfi (Astronomy and Physics of Living Systems, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) two young researchers that has been...[more]

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