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Diffusive wave spectrometer (DWS)

The instrument is used for the characterization of extremely turbid samples and is equipped with a diode-pumped solid-state laser (wavelength of 660 nm) with a maximum power of 70 mW. The apparatus implements a “Two-Cell Echo Technique” which allows to cover a very large range of time scales while reducing measurement times down to only a few minutes even for slowly relaxing or solid-like (non-ergodic) materials. Samples are measured in square glass cells with path lengths of 1 – 10 mm and placed in a temperature controlled sample environment (15-70 ºC). The scattered light is measured in transmission with two efficient Avalanche Photo Diodes and processed by a multi-tau/linear correlator using pseudo-crosscorrelation. Also possible are experiments in backscattering geometry and CCD camera-based multispeckle measurements. The instrument is controlled and data is analyzed with a powerful commercial software solution (LS-Instruments, Fribourg, Switzerland) which allows for combined correlation-echo measurements, single-, multi-speckle analysis, user defined multi-run scripts, online microrheology analysis and full data access.


Contact person:Peter Holmqvist
Operational responsible: Peter Holmqvist
Conditions for use: Training for approximately two hours is compulsory for unassisted use of the instrument.
Via LIMS system - contact Peter Holmqvist for information.
External users: 
Contact Peter Holmqvist for information about fees.