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Bruker Neo 500 with accessories for microimaging, diffusion, solid-state, and high-resolution magic-angle spinning experiments. (Sponsored by VR/KFI and KAW.)

Magnet: 11.7 T / 500 MHz, 54 mm UltraShield
Probes: TXI 5mm XYZ-Gradient (1H/13C/15N), BBO 5mm XYZ-Gradient (31P-15N/1H), multinuclear DIF-30 and MIC-5 (1H, 2H/1H, 7Li/1H, 23Na/1H, 13C/1H, 31P/1H), H/X CP-MAS 4mm (1H/31P-15N), E-free CP-MAS 4mm (13C/31P/1H), H/X CP-MAS 2.5mm (1H/31P-15N), TXI HR-MAS 4mm Z-Gradient (1H/13C/31P)


Operationally responsible: Zoltan Takacs.
Conditions for use: Training is compulsory for unassisted use of the instrument.
Booking: Contact