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COMMONS is a Center of Excellence funded by the Swedish Research Council, with the theme "Commonalities in biomembrane and biomolecular interactions”. The overarching aim of COMMONS is to provide a multifaceted scientific environment focusing on unifying physicochemical processes of key importance for the function of cellular membranes and biomolecules.

The COMMONS Center brings together methodological and theoretical expertise from Lund University, Chalmers and Copenhagen University, and will serve as host for a Graduate School and a Visiting Professor program to attract experts from a broad field of biomembrane and biomolecular sciences.



Welcome to Nicole Galencamp

The COMMONS center will make a number of strategic postdoc recruitments for triggering collaborative research activites within selected areas. We are very happy that Nicole Galencamp will start her COMMONS postdoctoral position mid May with main working place in Lund between physical chemistry and biochemistry. Her research will be focused on cooperativity in protein binding to biological membranes.

Visiting professor Sabrina Leslie

Sabrina Leslie (UBC Vancouver) is visiting mid May to mid June in both Lund and Gothenburg. 

The Leslie Lab is working at the interface of physics and biology with a particular interest in quantifying single-molecule dynamics. Operating at the leading edge of the field, Dr. Sabrina Leslie and her team are pioneering high-resolution imaging techniques which support drug and vaccine discovery and development. 

The 1st Academic Forum Public Event

The 1st Academic Forum Public Event takes place on May 6

9.30-12: inspiration lectures on essayist writing in academia
Julia Ravanis (Glänta, Chalmers) on (popular science) writing
Khashayar Naderehvandi (Glänta) on (literary) writing

19.00 Evening lecture
David Dunér (LU): “Historical perspectives on the concept of life”
Thematically, this lecture coincides with Glänta’s upcoming journal  issue on life, published in cooperation with COMMONS.

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1st COMMONS Summerschool

We are happy to announce the 1st COMMONS summerschool Cryo-EM of Soft Materials. Topics covered include the components of the TEM and the SEM, the principles of image and picture formation in electron microscopy (EM), the physics of electron beam-specimen interaction, specimen preparation in cryo-EM, elemental analysis in cryo-EM, and a survey of a wide range applications. More information

Time and place: August 19-23, 2024 @ LINXS in Lund
Registration deadline: April 15, 2024



COMMONS Challenge

June 4 at 10.00-12
Membrane composition
Fredrik Höök and Maggie Holme
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August 19-23
Cryo-EM of Soft Materials
@ LINXS in Lund
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June 4 at 14.15
Mireille Claessens, Univ Twente
Alpha-synuclein and the random coil conundrum: exploring the role of an IDP in membrane remodeling and disease
KC:G or zoom
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May 6: 1st Public event
Including evening lecture on "Historical perspectives on the concept of life
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Nov 4-6, 2024, Lund
Self-assembly in life and materials sciences
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