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Center for Scattering Methods

The Center for Scattering Methods is an infrastructure platform for scattering methods supported by the Faculty of Science. It hosts a broad range of instrumentation for static and dynamic light scattering and small and wide angle X-ray scattering. 


User access

For more information about the different instruments, accessibility and booking contact Peter Holmqvist. For long time regular users of the light scattering instruments access to the online booking system LIMS can be granted. The user fees for the different instruments can be found here.

Large facilities and institutes

CSM has a strong connection with beamlines at MAXIV and ESS. Due to this we are an excellent platform to direct users for further studies at these large facilities when needed. A good community for neutron and x-ray scattering is the LINXS institute where several members of CSM organization are associated.



Facility manager

Steering group



KEMM67 Scattering methods