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SAXS (pinhole system)

This is a fully automated and remotely controllable Small Angle X-Ray Scattering instrument. The x-ray source is a high brilliance microfocus sealed tube with shaped multilayer optics, yielding a monochromatic high intensity beam at very low power. The beam shaping is initially handled by the shaped multilayer, and then further collimated by 3 sets of 4-bladed slits. The beam path is evacuated by an oil-free high speed pump allowing full pump-down to clean operating pressures in 4 minutes. The sample area comes with an XY-theta goniometer for alignment and positioning of samples for both transmission and grazing incidence work. The scattering signal is detected by a state-of-the-art pixelized solid state detector (synchrotron style), combining the best of single photon counting, dynamic range and robustness. The motion of the detector allows the user to make measurements over a very large q-range. The integrated data management (with detailed system information being carried over in date-headers interpretable by the data-reduction software) facilitates the task of monitoring, data-collection, data-reduction and data-interpretation.

Sample holders/stages available:

  •  - Versatile ambient plate for disposable capillaries
  •  - JSP capillary stage with temperature control
  • - WAXS capillary stage with temperature control
  •  - Flow-through cell The available q range extends from ≈ 0.003 Å-1 up to ≈ 2.5 Å-1.


Contact person: Anna Stradner
Operational responsible: Peter Holmqvist 
Conditions for use: Training for approximately four hours is compulsory for unassisted use of the instrument.
Booking: Via LIMS system
External users: Contact Peter Holmqvist for information about fees.