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Röntgen-Ångström Cluster (RÅC) research project grant on “Dynamics of proteins in crowded environments on multiple length and time scales"


A group of four Swedish researchers (Peter Schurtenberger and Anna Stradner, both Professors at Physical Chemistry, Dr. Ann Terry from the MAX IV laboratory in Lund and Fivos Perakis, Assistant Professor at Stockholm University), coordinated by Peter Schurtenberger as the main applicant, has been granted ca. 8 Mio SEK from the Swedish Research Council.

Together with groups from the Universities of Siegen and Tübingen, which constitute the German part of this German-Swedish research collaboration (see here for more information on the Röntgen-Ångström Cluster in general:, this RÅC consortium will apply and further develop advanced X-ray methods and combine them with complementary techniques in order to tackle current and future challenges in soft matter and life science.

The research programs of the Lund Institute of Advanced Neutron and X-ray Science (LINXS; focusing on “Dynamics and structure of biological macromolecules” and “X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy” were vital for initiating this joint RÅC proposal.