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Camurus Lipid Research Foundation Prize Symposium


Congratulations Dr Katarzyna Makasewicz (ETH Zürich Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering) and Dr Andrea Ridolfi (Astronomy and Physics of Living Systems, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) two young researchers that has been awarded. 

These prize winners will receive SEK 50,000 each and will also present their research. Dr Katarzyna Makasewicz is awarded for her studies of α-synuclein interactions with lipid vesicles. She showed that the binding to the lipid membrane can be a cooperative process that is independent of the membrane curvature.

Dr Andrea Ridolfi is awarded for his fundamental studies of the nano mechanical properties of individual extracellular vesicles (EVs). By employing atomic force spectroscopy, he was able to obtain a “nanomechanical snapshot” of an EV sample opening up for new approaches to extract key properties for EV functionality