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Group - Emma Sparr

Graduate students

2023-Noemi Ferrante Carrante (co-supervisor: Sara Linse)

2021- Nikol Labecka (co-supervisors: Joakim Stenhammar and Kevin Roger (univ Toulouse))

2020- Jing Hu (co-supervisor: Sara Linse)

2020- Max Lindberg (Main supervisor: Sara Linse)

2020- Emil Axell (Main supervisor: Sara Linse)

2017- Alexandra Andersson  (Main supervisor: Peter Jönsson)

Postdoctoral researchers, Guest researchers & Project students

2023- Nizar Alsharif (postdoc) Collaboration with Martin Malmsten

2022- Runtian Qie (postdoc)

2020- Marco Fornasier (postdoc) Collaboration with Peter Jönsson

Graduated PhDs

2022: Simon Fridolf: NMR studies on lipid-peptide co-aggregation between ganglioside-containing membranes and α-synuclein (Co-supervisor. Main supervisor: Daniel Topgaard)

2022: Katarzyna Makasewicz: α-synuclein interactions with lipid membranes

2021: Rebecca Frankel (Co-assembly of proteins and lipids: From lipodiscs to amyloid aggregates (Co-supervisor. Main supervisor: Sara Linse)

2021: Veronica Lattanzi: Amyloid β peptide: from monomer solubility to fibril structure (Co-supervisor. Main supervisor: Sara Linse)

2021: Marija Dubackic: alpha-synuclein: amyloid fibrils and interactions with lipid membranes  (Co-supervisor. Main supervisor: Ulf Olsson)

2020 Jon Pallbo: Aggregation behavior and peptide-lipid interaction in an amyloid model system 

2018  Ricardo Gaspar: α-Synuclein Fibril Formation and the Effects of Lipid Membranes

2018 Jenny Andersson: Self-Assembly in Lipid-Protein Systems : Lung Surfactant, Stratum Corneum and Model Membranes

2016 Dat Pham: Foreign molecules in biomembranes : Molecular effects on intact stratum corneum and model lipid systems

2013 Sebastian Björklund: Skin hydration - How water and osmolytes influence biophysical properties of stratum corneum

2012 Agnes Michanek: RNA in model lipid membranes - interactions in bulk and at surfaces

2012: Erik Hellstrand: Protein-lipid association and aggregation : from neurodegenerative disease to nanosafety  (co-supervisor. Main supervisor: Sara Linse) 

2012 Agnieszka Nowacka: Polarization transfer solid-state NMR for studying soft matter: From surfactants to the stratum corneum(co-supervisor. Main supervisor: Daniel Topgaard) 

2011 Fatima Costa-Balogh: Diffusion studies: from model membranes to transdermal devices (co-supervisor. Formally enrolled at Coimbra university, Portugal) 

2009  Christoffer Åberg: Steady-State Diffusion in Complex Amphiphilic Films


2019 -2022 Xiaoyan Liu (postdoc)

2019-2021 Maria  Gunnarsson (postdoc)

2018-2022: Katarzyna Makasewicz (PhD student)

2017-2021: Rebecca Frankel (PhD student. Co-supervisor. Main supervisor: Sara Linse)

2017-2021: Marija Dubackic: (PhD student. Co-supervisor. Main supervisor: Ulf Olsson)

2016-2020: Jon Pallbo (PhD student)

2018 -2021 Björn Stenqvist, (postdoc)

2020 Nikolet Kis (Guest PhD student)

2019 -2020 Yoshihiko Sonoki (Guest Researcher from Kao Coorperation)

2015 - 2019  Enamul Mojumdar (postdoc)

2017-2019 Dat Pham (postdoc, collab l'oréal)

2015 -2018  Ilaria Idini (postdoc, collab. Sara Linse & Andrew Jackson (ESS))

2015 -2017  Meina Wang (postdoc)

2013 -2016  Aleksandra Dabkowska (postdoc)

2013 -2018 Ricardo Gaspar (PhD student, co-supervisor: Sara Linse)

2013 - 2018  Jenny Andersson (PhD student, co-supervisor: Tommy Nylander)

2012-2017 Dat Pham (PhD student, co-supervisor Daniel Topgaard)

2014: Kevin Roger (postdoc)

2009 - 2014: Marie Grey (postdoc, collab. Patrik Brundin, Sara Linse)

2009 -2014:Martin Lundqvist (Kemilektorslänk collab. Sara Linse)

2008-2013: Sebastian Björklund (PhD student. Co-supervisors: Johan Engblom & Krister Thuresson). Thesis: Skin hydration - How water and osmolytes influence biophysical properties of stratum corneum

2010-2012: Erik Hellstrand (PhD student, co-supervised with Sara Linse).
Thesis: Protein-lipid association and aggregation. From neurogenerative diseases to nanosafety

2010-2012: Tahereh Mokthari (postdoc)

2007-2012: Agnieszka Nowacka (PhD student. Main supervisor: Daniel Topgaard).
Thesis: Polarization transfer solid-state NMR for studying soft matter: From surfactants to the stratum corneum

2007-2012: Agnes Michanek (PhD student. Co-supervisor: Tommy Nylander) (currently at HemoCue)
Thesis: RNA in model membranes - Interactions in bulk and at surfaces

2004-2011: Fatima Costa-Balogh (PhD student. Main supervisors: Juan José Sousa & Alberto Pais, Coimbra University).
Thesis: Diffusion studies: From model membranes to transdermal devices

2008-2010: Peter Falkman (Nilsson, postdoc) (currently at Malmö University)

2010: Marie-Louise Ainalem (postdoc) (currently at ESS AB)

2004-2009:Christoffer Åberg (PhD student. Supervisors: ES & Håkan Wennerström).
Thesis: Steady-state diffusion in complex amphiphilic films (currently at University Collage Dublin)

2009: Alcides Simao  (Guest PhD student, Coimbra University)

2004, 2006: Claudia Silva (Guest PhD student, Coimbra University)

2004, 2005, 2006: Marc Eeman (Guest PhD student, Univ Liège)

Undergraduate student projects (since 2004)

2022: Linnea Gunnarsson: The effects of bilayer composition, osmotic gradients and microgel adsorption on deformation in giant unilamellar vesicles

2021: Lena Würtle: a-synuclein and lipid coaggregation

2020: Sandra Larsson: Molecular dynamics and keratin structure in human nails, and comparison to hair and skin

2019: Nikol Labecka: The effects of UVB exposure and chemical treatment on molecular and macroscopic properties of stratum corneum

2018: Nicolas Velasquez: Extraction and characterization of stratum corneum lipids

2018: Simon Fridolf: The effect of ganglioside GM3 on the mobility and structure of lipid-alfa-sunuclein co-assemblies: A combined NMR and scattering study

2016: Helena Mateo: Natural molecules to protect membrane against dehydration. Osmolytes and dehydrin proteins

2015: Natascia Guaducci (Università di Bari, Italy): Interaction between a-synuclein and lipid vesciles - a fluorescenc correlation spectroscopy study

2014:  Kira Bartnik (LMU, Munich): Influence of gangliosides on the adsorption of monomeric a-synuclein to supported lipid bilayers- a QCM study

2014: Ellen Rieloff: Adsorption of Thermoresponsive Microgels to Lipid Membranes

2013: Samira Mohensi (collaboration Bioglan): Characterization of film formed by topical creams

2012: Jenny Andersson. Stratum Corneum HydrationIn the Presence of Moisturizers

2012: My Mattsson. Cardiolipin in phospholipid bilayers: A calorimetric study

2011: Christoph Testud (Freiburg Univ). Film formation at the air liquid interface

2011: Irem Nasir. Kinetic and Surface Properties of alpha-synuclein: Investigating the Difference between Pure Peptide and Phospholipid Including Aggregates

2010: Mathias Björklund. A QCM-D study of the interactions between mixed lipid bilayers and ssRNA/dsDNA

2009: Christian Gudmundson. RNA and DNA adsorption to zwitterionic and charged monolayers at the air-liquid interface

2009: Åsa Larsson (collab l'oréal). The occlusive properties of cosmetic creams

2009: Anna Clemens (Aachen Univ). Transport studies in double-porous lipid membranes

2008: Stephane Douzane (ESPCI, Paris). How moisturizers protect lipid membranes against osmotic stress

2006: Cécile Pairin (ENSCP, Paris). Diffusion in responding lipid microstructures inside porous media

2006: Nora Kristen (Basel Univ). Interaction between RNA/DNA and lipid bilayers at interfaces

2006: Linn Bengtsson (collab Johan Engblom & Marie Wahlgren). Diffusion of water and drugs in skin and how it is regulated by the water activity

2005: Agnes Zettergren. Interaction between RNA and model lipids membranes

2004: Maurice Mourad (Utrecht University). Aggregation of superoxide dismutase and amyloid beta in the presence of phospholipids