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3D Light scattering instrument

The instrument from LS Instruments is used for simultaneous dynamic and static light scattering with transparent and turbid samples. It incorporates the 3D cross-correlation technology for eliminating the contributions from multiple scattering. It is equipped with a 3D modulation unit, which implements the newest development to increase signal-to-baseline and leads to an almost four-fold improvement in the cross-correlation intercept compared to standard 3D technology. The instrument is equipped with a HeNe laser light source, wavelength λ0= 632.8nm and a maximum power of 35 mW. Samples can be measured in cylindrical glass cells (with a diameter of 3, 5 or 10 mm) or 10 mm square cells and placed in the temperature controlled index-matching bath. The scattered light is detected within an angular range of 15 to 140° by two efficient Avalanche Photo Diodes and processed by a Flex correlator in a 3D cross-correlation configuration. In aqueous samples we have access to scattering vectors 0.0034 ≤ q ≤ 0.025nm-1.The apparatus is equipped with an upper sample goniometer to characterize non-ergodic samples.


Contact person: Peter Holmqvist
Operational responsible: Peter Holmqvist
Conditions for use: Training for approximately two hours is compulsory for unassisted use of the instrument.Booking: Via LIMS system - contact Peter Holmqvist for information.External users: Contact Peter Holmqvist for information about fees.