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Confocal microscopy

This instrument allows recording brilliant, high-resolution images to illustrate morphological features of fixed or slowly moving samples as well as monitoring high-speed dynamic processes by fast time-course studies. The equipment is implemented with five true spectral confocal channels simultaneously with a prism spectrometer for high transmittance and tunability. Illumination regimes are switchable in microseconds for fast dynamic measurement and the beam can be split instantly for new dyes or laser lines. The apparatus mounts up to 2 channels for spectral FLIM allowing resolved fluorescence life-time imaging and 3 laser lines: a HeNe laser (543 and 633 nm), an Argon laser (458, 476, 488 and 514 nm) and an IR (800 to 1100 nm). A fast resonant scanner (50 frames/sec at 512 x 256 pixels) and a non-resonant scanner (1400 lines/sec) are also implemented. The objective is mounted on a piezo-stage for fast z-scanning (50 frames/sec at 256 x 128 pixels).

In 2012, the system was upgraded with SMD Detection package FCS (high quantum efficiency, 2 APD). The system acquires and analyzes FCS and FCCS (Fluorescence Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy) data. Both methods focus on quantitative analysis of transport and binding processes.

Sponsored by The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.



Contact person: Peter Schurtenberger