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Reaction calorimeter

The energy released as heat by a process is directly proportional to the rate of reaction and by monitoring the reaction in a calorimeter detailed kinetics can be revealed. In 2011 we got a Chemical Process Analyser CPA202 from Chemisens. It is a high precision factory pre-calibrated calorimeter made in Hastelloy C276 with a useful volume of 10 – 180 ml, which can be continuously varied during experiments. The temperature range for experiments is -50 °C to +200 °C and it is possible to operate in a pressure range from vacuum up to 20 bars. The temperature resolution for an experiment is 0.001 °C and the power resolution is 0.001 Watt in the standard reactor and in the so called HighSens Reactor, which will be used for e.g. adsorption kinetics, crystallization, dissolution of tablets and micellization it will be possible to perform studies with a power resolution of 0.1mW at a volume of 10 – 180 ml. (Sponsored by The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.)




Contact person: Ola Karlsson
Operationally responsible: Ola Karlsson.
Conditions for use: Training is compulsory for unassisted use of the instrument.
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