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The Division of Physical Chemistry has world-class instrumentation to investigate surface, interface, and bulk properties of soft matter over a large range of accessible length and time scales in real and reciprocal space. The primary experimental tools are light and X-ray scattering methods (SLS, DLS, SAXS/WAXS, DWS), confocal laser scanning microscopy, rheology, NMR, electron microscopy, ellipsometry, scanning probe microscopy, as well as calorimetry and various optical spectroscopy techniques.

We encourage other groups and researchers who have an interest in using these facilities to contact us to schedule experiments. In the past we have had many groups from within and outside the university, including industrial scientists, using these instruments. We enjoy getting insights in new problems and welcome collaborations with scientists of different areas.

For industrial users we also offer the possibility to use our facilities and obtain advice on the design and interpretation of experiments on a contract basis that guarantees complete confidentiality.