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KILU seminar: Light to Structured Information


From: 2021-10-01 15:15 to 16:00
Place: Lecturehall A
Contact: information [at] kc [dot] lu [dot] se
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Welcome to this year’s first KILU-seminar where we invite preeminent scientists to present their work in a chemistry-wide setting and exchange ideas with KILU researchers. The seminar series will provide an opportunity to learn about exciting current research at other universities and in industrial research laboratories. In addition, it is an opportunity to meet and discuss science with colleagues from all around KILU.

SPEAKER: Marina Freitag, Associate Professor and Royal Society University Research Fellow, School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Newcastle University, United Kingdom.

TOPIC: Light to Structured Information

By 2025 about 75 billion IoT devices will be installed and the majority will reside indoors. It is crucial to find an energy source that yields high efficiencies in this environment. The newly developed DSCs operate at 34% efficiency under ambient light, while being more sustainable. Fast charge separation in a variety of organic dyes and tunable energy levels in CuII/I redox systems combined with negligible recombination processes allow DSCs to maintain a high photovoltage under ambient light. The co-sensitization of absorbers enables absorption over a broad spectral range and the adaption to the vast majority of light sources. As a result, DSCs outperform other photovoltaics under ambient lightning. We studied DSCs with CuII/I(tmby) electrolyte based on a combination of dyes XY1 and L1. The new dye sensitized “solar” cells achieve an unprecedented power output of 103.1 μW cm-2 at 1000 lux. Being able to harvest energy at low light intensities will enable a broad variety of new IoT devices. A major step forward was demonstrated as even machine learning and advanced image recognition is possible on these devices with the given energy for both learning and prediction. This is essentially the direct transformation of high entropy diffuse light into structured information.

Coffee will be served after the seminar. Registration is required for coffee and cake. Register by sending an email to: Use as subject in email: ”KILU seminar: Light to Structured Information” Last day to register for coffee is September 27. No registration required for the seminar, entrance on a first come first served basis.