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Bachelor and Master Theses


Lena Würtle
Bachelor Thesis
Title: Co-aggregation of alfa-synuclein and lipids 

Aina Maeve Mc Evoy
Master Thesis
Title: Influence of DOPC on Lipid Liquid Crystalline Sponge phases


David Pålsson
Bachelor Thesis
Liquid crystalline cubic phase nanoparticles and emulsions stabilised by softwood hemicellulosei

Sandra Larsson
Master Thesis
Molecular dynamics and keratin structure in human nails, and comparisons to hair and skin

Marcus Bäcklund
Master Thesis
Aqueous self-assembly behaviour alteration derived from primary structure changes of model peptides

André Nûsslein
Master Thesis
Particle-Size Effects on the Enhanced Diffusion of Tracer Particles in Microswimmer Suspensions


Shehed Allafta
Bachelor Thesis
"Adsorption of yeast lipids at the solid-liquid interface
– effect of mono and divalent cations, temperature and pH"

Amélie Fuentes
Bachelor Thesis
"Understanding T-cell triggering under different in vitro conditions"

Cedric D. Koolen
Master Thesis
"Dynamics and Rheology of Colloidal Ellipsoids"

Daphne Le
Master Thesis
"Effect of ß-galactosidase on the spin-coated lipid layer of a lipid sponge phase as carrier for enzyme by ATR-FTIR"

Linnéa Gunnarsson
Bachelor Thesis
"Characterization of DOPC and DOPG Vesicles in two Choline Chloride-Based Deep Eutectic Solvents"


Simon Fridolf
Project Work
“A Light Scattering and Calorimetry Study on the Interaction between Thermoresponsive Polymers and Bile Salts”

Erika Andersson
Master Thesis
“Dissolution and fibre spinning of cellulose from an ionic liquid”

Tommy Dam
Master Thesis
“Constructing supported lipid bilayers from native cell membranes”

Simon Fridolf
Master Thesis
“Effect of Ganglioside GM3 on the Mobility and Mesostructure of Lipid and
α-Synuclein Co-assemblies: A Combined Polarization Transfer Solid-State NMR and Scattering Study”

Nicolas Velasquez
Bachelor Thesis
“Skin barrier – Extraction and characterization of Stratum Corneum lipids”

Veronika Tolevska
Bachelor Thesis
“Investigating the triolein/aqueous interface and Thermomyces lanuginosa lipase activity”


Giuseppe Abbondanza
Project Work
“Colloidal structure of river organic matter”

Emil Gustafsson
Master Thesis
“Switching on and off the patch-patch attraction of Lactoferrin”

Andrea G. Jaegermann
Project Work
”Study of the Adsorption of Connectable Polymers on Silica Surfaces using Ellipsometry and QCM-D”
Combined with Project Work at Theoretical Chemistry, called:
“Theoretical Predictions on the Alignment of Rod-like Particles Interacting via Temperature Responsive Polymers”

Mona Koder Hamid
Project Work
“Isothermal titration calorimetry study of a self-assembled peptide system”

Carl-Eric Onema
Bachelor Thesis
“Investigating the effect of salt concentrations on the immune cell membrane protein CD45 D1-D4 in a supported lipid bilayer using hydrodynamic trapping”

Tym De Wild
Master Thesis
“Self-assembly of oppositely charged microgels into well-defined colloidal molecule-like clusters with thermoresponsive interaction sites”


Elisabeth Baumann
Master of Science Thesis
“Lipid Bilayers on Planes and in Micropipettes
– Two model systems to study binding of DivIVA to flat and negatively curved membranes”

Eric Johansson
Bachelor of Science Thesis
The Solubility of Cellulose II in Alkaline Solutions

Pegah Nosrati
Master of Science Thesis
“On the Gelation of Microcrystalline Cellulose in Alkaline Solutions”