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Previous seminars and conferences

Seminars 2013

OMM Seminar: Joakim Stenhammar, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh
Title: Phase behaviour of self-propelled colloids
Time: December 16 at 10.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall F

Licentiate Thesis Examination: Johanna Bailey Jönsson, Physical Chemistry, Lund University
Title: Polycondensation reactions in dispersed media
Time: December 13 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall C. 

Physical Chemistry SeminarFernanda Poletto, Institute of Chemistry, University of Campinas, Brazil
Title: Tailoring polymeric-based and surfactant-base drug nanocarriers for treatment of parasitic diseases
Time: November 25 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall F

OMM Seminar: Anand Yethiraj, Department of Physics & Physical Oceanography, Memorial University, St. John's, NL, Canada
Title: Tunable hydrodynamics in oil droplet phases: from dipolar crystals to droplet breakup to turbulent energy cascades
Time: Nov 22 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall F

Physical Chemistry SeminarKevin Roger, Laboratoire de Physique et Mécanique des Milieux Hétérogènes & Laboratoire de Colloïdes et Matériaux Divisés, ESPCI, Paris
Title: Self-Assembled Nanoemulsions through Physicochemical Methods
Time: October 15 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall B

OMM Seminar: Peter Jönsson
Title: Molecular nanomechanics and local stimulus of individual biomolecules on the surface of cells
Time: October 14 at 10.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall B

OMM Seminar: Ben J Boyd, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University, Australia
Title: Controlling structural transformation in self assembled lipid liquid crystals for drug delivery.
Time: October 8 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall B

Dissertation: Tomas Kjellman
Mesoporous Silica SBA-15 - Formation, Modification and Application
Time: October 4 at 10.30
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall B

Physical Chemistry Seminar: Stefan Kuczera, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zeeland
RheoNMR observations of Wormlike Micelles
Time: Oct 3 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall B

Physical Chemistry Seminar: Bruno Silva, Division of Physical Chemistry, Lund University
Microfluidics with in-situ small-angle X-ray scattering: a tool to investigate soft matter dynamics
Time: Sept 30 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall B

Physical Chemistry Seminar: Melissa Sharp, European Spallation Source ESS, Lund
Title: From polymers to proteins
Time: Sept 23 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall B

Physical Chemistry Seminar: Tomas Kjellman, Division of Physical Chemistry, Lund University
Title: Mesoporous Silica SBA-15 - Formation, Modification and Application
Time: Sept 16 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall F

Physical Chemistry Seminar: Petrik Galvosas, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zeeland
Magnetic Resonance Pore Imaging as a novel tool for porous media characterization
Time: Sept 6 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall Marie Curie (conference hall)

OMM Seminar: Russel Crawford 
Novel approaches to prevent bacterial adhesion on medical implant materials
Time: August 26 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall F

Physical Chemistry Seminar: Maura Monduzzi, Dept. Scienze Chimiche e Geologiche, University of Cagliari, Italy
Soft and Hard Matter Drug Delivery Systems: Some Recent Results
Time: August 12 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall F

OMM Seminar: Alex Evilevitch, Department of Biochemistry and Structural Biology, Lund University and Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Physics, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 
Physical Chemistry of Viral Evolution
Time: June 24 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall F

Presentation of Batchelor Thesis: Maxim Morin
Probing the Intermolecular interactions of Lactoferrin
Time: June 19 at 10:15
Place: Library of Physical Chemistry

Dissertation: Sebastian Björklund
Skin hydration - How water and osmolytes influence biophysical properties of stratum corneum
Time: June 14 at 10.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall B

OMM-minisymposium: Human interfaces - Structure and transport in the skin and in the lung alveolar lining layer
Jenifer Thewalt (Simon Fraser Univ, Vancouver)
Luis Bagatolli (Memphys, SDU, Odense)
Sven Engström (Chalmers)
Marcus Larsson (Lund University)
Time:June 13 at 14.15
Place: To be announced.

Dissertation: Celen Cenker
Equilibrium and non-equilibrium aggregation in the model peptide family AnX
Time: June 13 at 10.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall C

Physical Chemistry Seminar: Ilja Voets, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
Eindhoven University of Technology
Hot proteins and cool crystals
Time: June 12 at 14.15
Place: Lecture hall C, Kemicentrum.

Dissertation: Tiago Ferrera
Structure and dynamics in amphiphilic bilayers NMR and MD simulations studies
Time: June 5 at 13.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall B

OMM Seminar: Klaus Gawrisch, National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA
Elastic properties of polyunsaturated phosphatidylethanolamines influence rhodopsin function
Time: June 4 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall B 

Physical Chemistry Seminar: Sebastian Björklund
Skin hydration - How water and osmolytes influence biophysical properties of stratum corneum
Time: June 3 at 14.15
Place: Lecture hall B, Kemicentrum.

Physical Chemistry Seminar: Tiago Ferreira
Structure and dynamics in amphiphilic bilayers NMR and MD simulations studies
Time: May 27 at 14.15
Place: Lecture hall C, Kemicentrum.

OMM Seminar series: Katarina Fromm, University of Fribourg
Clusters aggregates and cage compounds:From precursors for mixed metal oxides via catalysis to molecular magnets
Time: May 24 at 14.15
Place: Lecture hall C, Kemicentrum.

OMM Seminar series: Bernd Giese, University of Fribourg
Mineral Respiration. How peptides transport electrons over long distances.
Time: May 22 at 15.15
Place: Lecture hall C, Kemicentrum.

OMM Seminar series: Katharina Fromm, University of Fribourg
Bioinorganic Chemistry of Silver: Interactions of silver with amino acids and peptides
Time: May 17 at 14.15
Place: Lecture hall C, Kemicentrum.

OMM Seminar series: Katharina Fromm, University of Fribourg
Agent Silver: with a License to Kill
Time: May 16 at 14.15
Place: Lecture hall C, Kemicentrum.

OMM Seminar series: Bernd Giese, University of Fribourg
Is DNA a Nanowire?
Time: May 13 at 14.15
Place: Lecture hall C, Kemicentrum.

OMM Seminar: Jan Dhont, 
The behaviour of rod-like colloids in shear flow
Time: May 6 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall B

 Physical Chemistry Seminar: Adam Squires, University of Reading.
Soft and hard nanomaterials: from peptide fibrils and lyotropic liquid crystals to mesoporous electrodes
Time: April 23 at 14.15
Place: Lecture hall B, Kemicentrum.

Physical Chemistry Seminar: Christian von Corswant, AstraZeneca R&D, Mölndal
Towards a mechanistic understanding of drug release from polymer coated pellets
Time: March 4 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall C 

Physical Chemistry Seminar: Kevin Roger, Laboratoire de Physique et Mécanique des Milieux Hétérogènes & Laboratoire de Colloïdes et Matériaux Divisés, ESPCI, Paris
The Ouzo effect : coalescence of repelling droplets can lead to monodisperse populations
Time: Feb 8 at 14.15
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall B

Seminars 2012

Johan Bergenholtz (Physical Chemistry, Göteborg University)
Dissociation Dynamics of Colloidal Clusters

Paula Sofia da Silva (Department of Biochemistry, University of Coimbra)
Self-assembly and Interactions of Lactoferrin

Jennifer Chen Lee (NIH)
Protein-membrane interactions

Christopher Dunning (LU)
Prion-like spread of alpha-synuclein in Parkinson's disease 

Anna Stradner (Physical Chemistry, Lund University)
Reexamining the colloid analogy for casein proteins

Robert Vacha (Cambridge / Prague) 
Exocytosis of nanoparticles

Tommy Nylander (Physical Chemistry, Lund University)
The lipid-aqueous interface beyond bilayers - curvature and lipids at interfaces

Philip Kuchel (University of Sydney)
13C DNP NMR in kinetics of cellular systems

Luca Monticelli (Inserm, Paris)
Simulating nanoparticles into membranes

Nitash P Balsara (University of California, Berkerley)
All-Solid Lithium Batteries and the Clean Energy Landscape 

Erik Hellstrand (Biophysical Chemistry, Lund University)
Protein-Lipid Association and Aggregation in Neurodegenerative Disease

Mehran Asad Ayoubi (Physical Chemistry, Lund University)
Self-assembly in Melts of Block copolymer-based Systems Featuring Supramolecular Interactions 

John Janiak (Physical Chemistry, Lund University)
Phase Behavior and Solution Properties of Aqueous Polyion-Surfactant ion Systems

Andrew Jackson (European Spallation Source (ESS))
Explosives and Milk - Nanoscale to Microscale Structure

Robert K. Thomas (University of Oxford)
How Not to Determine Surface Excess: A Century of Wasted Measurements?

Jan K.G. Dhont (Forschungszentrum Juelich) 
Charged Colloids in Electric Fields and Thermal Gradients

Dominique Massiot (CEMHTI-CNRS, Orléans)
Order and disorder in materials: from atomic to nanometer scale

Andrew Nelson (Australia) 
Studying kinetics in thin film systems using neutron reflectometry

Prof Albert P. Philipse (Van 't Hoff Laboratory, Utrecht University) 
Anisometric colloids

Agnieszka Nowacka (Physical Chemistry, Lund University)
Polarization Transfer Solid-State NMR for Studying Soft Matter: From Surfactants to the Stratum Corneum

Albert P. Philipse (Van 't Hoff Laboratory, Utrecht University)
Magnetic colloids

Karen Edler (Department of Chemistry, University of Bath, United Kingdom)
Surfactant Templated Inorganic Films at the AirSolution Interface

István Furó (Physical Chemistry, KTH)
Electrophoretic NMR

Martin Medebach (Physical Chemistry, Lund University)
Two examples of heterodyne light scattering: Electrophoresis of concentrated colloidal suspension FT-Raman-Dynamic Light Scattering 

Erik Wernersson (Physical Chemistry, Lund University)
Molecular Modeling of Molecular Ions – Salty Tales from a Landlocked Country

Drew Parsons, Canberra, Australia 
Hydration and Ions

Freddy Kleitz (Department of Chemistry, Laval University, Canada) 
Functional Mesoporous Materials: From Material Synthesis to Application Perspectives 

Adriana Mihut (Physical Chemistry, Lund University) 
Self-Assembly of Semicrystalline Diblock Copolymers in Selective Solvents: From Experimental Phase Map to Guided Colloidal Self-Assembly

Eckhard Spohr (Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
Computer Simulations of a Thermo-responsive Polymer in Aqueous Solution

Jérôme Crassous (Physical Chemistry, Lund University) 
Designing Composite Microgels with Varying Shapes and Functionalities: On the Road towards Supracolloidal Self-Assembly 

Jonas Gernandt (Uppsala University)
Phase separation within elastic hydrogels absorbing macroions

Manja Behrens (Physical Chemistry, Lund University)
Scattering studies of polymeric micelles and biological macromolecules

Pavlik Lettinga (Research Centre Jülich Institute of Solid State Research (IFF) , Jülich)
Dynamics and colloidal rods at rest and in external fields

Marianne Impéror-Clerc (Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France)
Structure and Formation of Periodic Silica-based Templated Materials: Investigation using Small Angle X-Ray Scattering

Patrik Knöös (Physical Chemistry, Lund University)
Monitoring the drug release from tablets made from hydrophobically modified poly (acrylic acid)

Jonas Carlstedt (Physical Chemistry, Lund University)
Tuning DNA-surfactant interactions with cyclodextrins

Richard Campbell (Institute, Laue Langevin, Grenoble, France)
Impact of bulk non equilibrium effects on an oppositely charged polyelectrolyte/surfactant mixture at the air/water interface

Tiago Ferreira (Physical Chemistry, Lund University)
Biomembrane models: NMR and MD simulations

Sebastian Björklund, Physical Chemistry, Lund University)
Biophysical characterization of the skin barrier

Joaquim Li (ESPCI, Paris)
Small angle X-ray scattering study of a drying colloidal film

Seminars 2011

Agnes Michanek, Physical Chemistry, Lund University
RNA in model lipid membranes- interactions in bulk and at surfaces

Richard Neutze, Department of Chemistry, University of Gothenburg
Synchrotron radiation, X-FELs and life science: the future is bright

Aleksandra Dabrowska, Kings College, London, England
The supported bilayer as a platform for probing...

Celen Cenker, Physical Chemistry, Lund University
Towards understanding peptide self-assembly: a model system study

Wolfgang Schmidt, The Max Planck Insitut für Kohlenforschung, Germany
Structure Retrievement of Ordered Mesoporous Solids by Low Angle X-ray Diffraction

Dominic Lenz, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf, Germany
Dendrimer cluster crystals

Nina Reichhardt, Physical Chemistry, Lund University
Towards a responsive functional material: Modification of porosity and grafting of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) in mesoporous silica SBA-15

Jan Noolandi, Stanford University, US
The science and technology of full cells location

Jan Noolandi, Stanford University, US
The development of a new hydrogel for tissue engineering

Ran Zhang, Physical Chemistry, Lund University
Simulation of physical gelation in telechelic polyelectrolyte solution

Frans Leermakers, Physical Chemistry & Colloid Science, Wageningen University, the Netherlands
Self-Consistent Field Modeling of Moleculary Inhomogeneous Systems

Nikolay Oskolkov, DTU Nanotech, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Topological effects in entangled polymer networks

Joachim Kolbrecher, Laboratory for Neutron Scattering, Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
Magnetic response of functionalized lipid bilayers

Ana Akashina, Unilever Discovery, Wirral, UK
Atomistic simulation of skin lipids: effect of product ingredients

Carlos M. Marques, Institut Charles Sadron, Strasbourg Cedex, France
Confinement of lambda-phage DNAs by phospholipids walls

Hubert King, Exxon Mobile
Neutron methods in R&D

B.V.R. Tata, The Indira Gandhi Centre, India
Ordering, Dynamics and Phase Transitions in Charged Colloids and Nanogel Dispersions

Seyda Bucak, Department of Chemical Engineering, Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey
Biomimetic Control of Magnetite Shape and Morphology using Polyaminoacids

Albert P. Philipse, Physical & Colloid Chemistry, Van't Hoff Laboratory, Utrecht
Cubic Crystals from Cubic Colloids

Agnieszka Nowacka, Physical Chemistry, Lund University
Polarization transfer solid state NMR

Mathias Ballauff, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, Germany
Proteins and Polyelectrolytes: A Charged Relationship

Martin Medebach, TU Berlin
Light scattering experiments on concentrated suspensions

Peter Jönsson, Chalmers University of Technology
Using Photobleaching and Microfluidics to Study Mobility and Mechanical Properties of Lipid Bilayers

Carl Holt, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Structure and function of the casein micelle

Tahereh Mokthari, Physical Chemistry, Lund University

Mika Lindén, Department of Physical Chemistry, Åbo Akademi University, Finland
In vitro and in vivo evalutations of targeted drug delivery using mesoporous silica nanoparticles as carriers

Daniel Topgaard, Physical Chemistry, Lund University
Multicomponent self-assembly: MD simulations and NMR

Leo Lue, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
A variational field theory approach for modeling charged colloidal solutions

Alexandra Machado, Physical Chemistry, Lund University
DNA-loaded calcium alginate nanoparticles

Joakim Stenhammar, Physical Chemistry, Lund University
van der Waals interactions in classical systems

Mehran Asad Ayoubi, Physical Chemistry, Lund University
Microphase separation in block copolymer melts

Jonas Carlstedt, Physical Chemistry, Lund University
Cyclodextrins, surfactants and DNA

Sebastian Lages, Physical Chemistry, Lund University
Polyelectrolytes in solution


Seminars 2009

Hanna Wacklin 
(the National Deuteration Facility, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Institution; ANSTO)
Structure of phospholipid mixtures probed by neutron reflectometry and small angle scattering

Cecilia Leal 
(University of California Santa Barbara)
Soft matter to silence genes: a combination of x-ray scattering and live cell work

 Reidar Lund (Donostia International Physics Center, San Sebastian, Spain)
 Equilibrium & Non-equilibrium Kinetics of Block Copolymer Micelles 

 Mikael Lund
 (Theoretical Chemistry)
 Specific ion binding to macro-molecules 

 Shunai Che 
(Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
 Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica by Co-structure Directing Method 

 Cliff Woodward
 (Canberra, Australia)
 Advances in density functional theory of polymers 

 Kristoffer Almdal
 (DTU Nanotech)
 Segregated polymer media. Order, disorder, and possibilities in particle synthesis 

 Eveliina Lammentausta 
(Dept. Diagnostic Radiology, Oulu - University Hospital, Finland)
 MR characterization of articular cartilage 

 Daniel Topgaard
 (Physical Chemistry)
 Docent lecture: Principles of magnetic resonance imaging 

 Thomas Ederth (
Sensor Science and Molecular Physics, Linköping)
 Lipid bilayer-induced secondary structure in de novo designed peptides 

 Björn Persson 
(Theoretical Chemistry)
 Self-aggregation of Lactoferrin 

 Katarina Edwards
 (Div. Physical Chemistry, Uppsala University)
 Nanodisks and Nuclisomes - from model membranes to targeted drug delivery 

 Sindra Peterson Årsköld
 (Center for Molecular Protein Science, Lund University)
 Probing membrane proteins. Monitoring proton-translocation quantitatively 

 Cedric Dicko
 (Pure and Applied Biochemistry, Lund; Oxford Silk group, Oxford University)
 Silk, a short story of everything! 

 Dominic Walsh 
(UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research, University College Dublin)
 Oligomers on the brain: the role of Abeta oligomers in Alzheimer’s disease

 Alex Evilevitch (Center for Molecular Protein Science, Lund University)
 Biophysics of Viral Infectivity - Matching Genome Length and Virus Size 

 Thomas Fabien
 (Laboratoire Environnement et Minéralurgie, VANDOEUVRE LES NANCY)
 Clays - Crystal structure and macroscopic behaviour 

 Johan Mattsson
 (Condensed Matter Physics, Chalmers)
 Are colloidal and molecular glass formation related? 

 Christoffer Åberg
 (Physical Chemistry)
 Non-Equilibrium Phase Transformations at the Air-Liquid Interface 

 Peter Linton 
(Physical Chemistry)
 Formation mechanism of mesoporous silica - Tailor new materials 

 Björn Roos 
(Theoretical Chemistry)
 The multiple chemical bond, illustrated with a number of dichromium complexes

 Ian Hamley
 (University of Reading)
 Self-Assembly of Amyloid Peptide Fragments and Copolymers 

 Martin Lundqvist
 (Biophysical chemistry)
 Interactions between nanoparticles and proteins - the size of the nanoparticles matter

 Ingrid Åslund
 (Physical Chemistry)
 Determining the homogeneous length scale and the intracellular diffusion through pulsed field gradient NMR. 

 Ivan Scheblykin
 (Chemical Physics)
 Single molecule spectroscopy of light emitting conjugated polymers 

 Bruno Medronho 
(University of Coimbra)
 Lamellae and Onions in a Nonionic Surfactant System: A Summary of 4 Years Project 

 Lennart Piculell
 (Physical Chemistry)
 Deposition at solid surfaces from associating polymer/surfactant mixtures in water 

 Alexei R. Khokhlov 
(Physics Department, Moscow State University)
 Viscoelastic Behavior of Magnetic Elastomers in a Homogeneous Magnetic Field 

 Peter Holmqvist 
(Inst Solid State Research, Forschungszentrum Jülich)
 Dynamics in soft matter 

 Niklas Källrot
 (Physical Chemistry)
 Dynamics of Polymer Adsorption onto Solid Surfaces in Good Solvent 

 Peter Linton 
(Physical Chemistry)
 Formation of mesoporous SBA-15 from a colloidal perspective 

 Maité Paternostre 
(Institute of biology technologies - CEA Saclay)
 Lanreotide, a specific case for deciphering peptide self-assembly driving forces 

 Ingemar André
 (Biochemistry, Lund University)
 Structure Prediction and Design of Protein Assemblies 

 Salomé Santos
 (Physical Chemistry) 
Associating polymer-polymer and polymer-surfactant systems: phase behaviour and the influence of chemical reactions 

 Dan Lundberg 
(Physical Chemistry, LU) & Dept Chemistry, Univ Coimbra)

 Effects on Transfection Efficiency and Physicochemical Character of a Lipid-Based Gene Delivery Formulation of the Inclusion of a Single-Tailed Amino Acid-Based Amphiphile

Seminars 2010

Ingemar Wadsö (Physical Chemistry)
Microcalorimetric techniques for chemistry and biology

Marie-Louise Ainalem (Physical Chemistry)
Controlling DNA compaction and the interaction with model biomembranes

Heiner Linke (Nanometer Structure Consortium, Solid State Physics, Lund university)
Understanding the physics of molecular motors

Steven Boxer (Stanford University)
Imaging and Reaction Dynamics in Model Membranes: Soft Nanoscience

Kazu Sakamoto( Tokyo University of Science)
Peptide penetration through membrane (Curvature vs. Penetration)

Matija Tomsic (University of Ljubljana)
Simple Alcohols in Microemulsion Systems of Nonionic Surfactant and their Structure in Bulk – SAXS, DLS and Monte Carlo Studies

Oren Regev (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
Phase diagrams of carbon nanotube-based systems

Per Rudquist (Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Chalmers)
Liquid crystals: Present and future materials and their applications

Giuseppe Lazzara (Physical Chemistry)
Thermodynamical and structural analysis of block copolymer self-assembly in water. Effect of additives.

Alexandar Matic (Condensed Matter Physics, Chalmers)
Soft Matter for Energy Applications

Yukiko Suganuma (Department of Physics, Ochanomizu University, Japan)
Morphological transitions of bilayer membranes triggered by external forces

Tobias Ambjörnsson (Computational Biology and Biological Physics, Dept Theoretical Physics, LU)
DNA breathing and melting

Håkan Wenneström (Physical Chemistry)
Physical chemical aspects of the greenhouse effect

Debby Chang (Duke University)
Understanding Joint Lubrication: Friction Force Microscopy of Lubricin and Hyaluronic Acid

Anna Stenstam & Kajsa Bryskhe (Colloidal Resource AB)
How to have fun making a living of Physical Chemistry - From cow blood and medical devices to portable toilets

04-20, 14
Sven Lidin (Division of Polymer & Materials Chemistry)
Stistaite - A mechanism for solid solubility and a question of order

Anna Stradner (Adolphe Merkle Institute/University of Fribourg)
Protein condensation diseases seen with the eyes of a soft matter scientist

Samo Lasic (Colloidal Resource / Physical Chemistry)
Morphology & Physiology by NMR Gradientology

Asger Björn Petersen
(Physical Chemistry)
Specific examples of mechanism and structure determination of reactions and compounds in organic chemistry (with surprising results!)

Malek Khan (Physical chemistry, Uppsala University)
The influence of discrete surface charges and surface charge clusters on the force between charged surfaces

Ingrid Åslund (Physical Chemistry)
Gradient Based NMR to Measure Material Properties

Robert K. Thomas
(Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, University of Oxford)
Bilayers at the hydrophilic solid aqueous interface: adsorption, deposition, and removal

Stephen Hyde
(Dept Applied Mathematics, Australian National University, Canberra)
Self-assembly of three-phase "star polyphiles". Generalised foams, novel lyotropes and some ideas regarding tricontinuous patterns

Taco Nicolai (Polymères Colloïdes et Interfaces, Le Mans, France)
Tracer diffusion of particles in gels

Dorthe Posselt (Department of Science, Roskilde University, Denmark)
Mesoscale Structure and Structural Adaptability of Chloroplast Thylakoid Membranes

Samuli Ollila (Biological and Soft matter physics, Tampere University of Technology, Finland)
Local pressure calculations from molecular dynamics simulations: applications to membrane proteins and lipid droplets

Luis Pegado (Physical Chemistry, LU)
The role of molecular solvents in double layer forces

Yuka Sakuma (Department of Physics, Ochanomizu University, Japan)
Self-birthing of Vesicle

Alfred Delville (Université d`Orleans, France)
Structural and dynamical properties of confined liquids: an experimental and numerical analysis

Shigeyuki Komura (Department of Chemistry, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Phase separation dynamics in membranes: effects of bulk fluid

Magnus Johansson (Surface and Corrosion Scienc, KTH)
Hydration of biomimetic membranes - laser spectroscopy studies

Eric Freyssingeas (Université de Lyon, Laboratoire de Physique)
Evolution of the Global Internal Dynamics of a Living Cell Nucleus during Interphase

Luciano Galantini (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)
Self-Assembly of Bile Salt Derivatives

Salome Santos
(Physical Chemistry)
Associative polymer-polymer and polymer-surfactant systems: phase behaviour and the influence of chemical reactions

Per Hansson (Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry, Uppsala University)
Spatial distribution of proteins and surfactant micelles in charged polymer networks


September 2-7, 2012
European Colloid and Interface Society Congress
Slagthuset, Malmö

July 23-27, 2012
Association in Solution III - Self-Assembly: From Bio-Colloids to Nano-Engineering.
Bifröst University, Iceland

October 25-27, 2011
Soft and hard materials 
Kårhuset, Lund

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