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Model membranes on nanostructured sensing supports

This project aims to study the mechanism of formation and structure of complex lipid bilayers, a lipid composition that mimics biological membranes (i.e. composed of several lipid types) on a variety of substrates including structured surfaces consisting of nanowire forests. This will allow membranes with tailored properties to be developed for applications in key membrane processes, such as antimicrobial peptide activity, protein interactions, and DNA transfection. We will investigate the use of nano-wire “forests” developed by Lars Samuelson’s group at Solid State Physics, Lund University as a support for free standing lipid bilayers and means to sense membrane mechanical properties, such as lateral stress, as well as biomolecular interactions and activity with and in the membrane. Financed by OMM and nmC@Lund. 

People: Tommy Nylander, Aleksandra Dabkowska, Emma Sparr, Heiner Linke and Christelle Prinz (Solid State Physics), Hanna Wacklin (ESS AB)

Contact person: Tommy Nylander