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Multidimensional diffusion MRI

Diffusion MRI is a powerful non-invasive method for studying molecular motion on the micrometer length scale and millisecond time scale. By measuring the self-diffusion of molecules in biological tissues, we obtain information about microscopic structures that are too small to resolve in conventional images. In this project, we use principles from multidimensional solid-state NMR spectroscopy to design new MRI pulse sequences and data processing methods for quantifying cell shape, heterogeneity, alignment, and membrane permeability. The structure of biological tissues can be mimicked by carefully designed colloidal model systems such as emulsions, gels, and liquid crystals. The new MRI methods are first tested by computer simulations, subsequently applied to colloidal model systems, simple cellular systems and excised tissue, and finally implemented on clinical MRI equipment.

Software for setup and analysis of multidimensional diffusion MRI

Commercialization of multidimensional diffusion MRI


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