Physical Chemistry

Lund University

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  • Linnéa Gunnarsson, Master Student, Lund University
    Supervisor: Emma Sparr
  • Aina Maeve Mc Evoy, Master Student, Lund University
    Supervisor: Tommy Nylander
  • Emelly Todor, Master Student, Kemiteknik, Karlstad University
    Supervisor: Olga Santos
  • Andrea Ridolfi, Guest PhD student, EvFoundry, Bologna, Italy 
    Supervisor: Tommy Nylander
  • Professor George S Attard, Chemical Sciences in Chemistry at the University of Southampton.
    Host: Professor Ulf Olsson
  • Nikolina Barchan, PhD Student, Division of Biotechnology, Lund University.
    Supervisors: Professor Tommy Nylander
  • Alessandra Del Giudice, PhD, Department of Chemistry, University of Rome "Sapienza", Italy
    Supervisor: Professor Ulf Olsson
  • Jerôme Crassous, Guest Researcher
  • Vitaly Kocherbitov, Professor, Malmö University
  • Viktoriia Meklesh, PostDoc, Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, Lund University
    Host: Professor Ulf Olsson 
  • Manuel Orozco, PhD Student, the Molecular Cell Biology Unit, Lund University
    Supervisor: Dr Hanna Wacklin-Knecht
  • Giuseppe Tartaro, PhD Student, University of Bari, Italy
    Host: Dr Luigi Gentile and Professor Ulf Olsson
  • Qian Wang, Visiting PhD Student
    Host: Professor Tommy Nylander