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Masayuki Imai: Motion of phospholipid vesicles in response to chemical stimuli


From: 2017-10-16 14:15 To: 15:00
Place: Kemicentrum, Lecture hall B

A seminar by Professor Masayuki Imai, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Tohoku University Aramaki, Aoba, Sendai, Japan.


In this study, we examined migration of phospholipid vesicles induced by chemical stimuli. The vesicle is an important carrier in the transportation of biological and artificial wet systems, where the vesicle must be guided to the destination by external signals, such as chemical concentration gradient. To migrate vesicles by chemical stimuli, we have two mechanisms, the diffusiophoresis and the surface tension gradients on the vesicle membrane. A unique feature of the vesicle motions is the coupling between vesicle motion and vesicle deformations. In this seminar I will demonstrate several unique motions of deformable vesicles triggered by chemical stimuli.