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KILU seminar: Resolving the interfacial behaviour in complex magnetic and superconducting nanostructures


From: 2020-09-22 15:15 to: 16:00
Place: Lecture Hall A, Kemicentrum, Zoom
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Welcome to the first KILU-seminar of this academic year. We continue to invite preeminent scientists to present their work in a chemistry-wide setting and exchange ideas with KILU researchers. The seminar series provides an opportunity to learn about exciting current research at other universities and in industrial research laboratories. In addition, it is an opportunity to meet and discuss science with colleagues from all around KILU. 

SPEAKER: Sean Langridge, ISIS Neutron and Muon Source, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Didcot, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (participates via Zoom).
TOPIC: Resolving the interfacial behaviour in complex magnetic and superconducting nanostructures
Quantifying the interfacial behaviour of nanoscale magnetic systems is key to understanding a wide range of solid state phenomena. Moreover, such behaviour often results in useful functionality that can be exploited in devices with applications in efficient data storage and processing. Such devices will consist of planar geometries and contain multiple active interfaces. Spin diffusion lengths in ferromagnetic metals are typically much less than 100 nm. This lengthscale gives an indication of the resolution required to spatially resolve interfacial physics such as: proximity magnetism, the spin-Seebeck effect, topological insulators, and superconducting spintronics. Providing a quantitative understanding of such phenomena presents a significant experimental challenge. The interfaces of interest are often buried and not readily accessible to more conventional macroscopic techniques. Neutron techniques provide unparalleled quantitative access to such systems through the exploitation of polarized neutrons in reflection and small angle scattering geometries. 
In this talk we shall introduce the relevant techniques, which have wide-ranging applicability across the physical and life sciences, and describe some of the topical systems we have recently examined. Examples will be taken from topological matter, materials for magnonics, and ferromagnetic/superconducting heterostructures. 
TIME AND PLACE: September 22 at 15:15-16:00, Lecture Hall A, Kemicentrum  (pre-registration required, as 45 people maximum can be in the lecture hall). Register by sending an email to: information [at] kc [dot] lu [dot] se.
You can also join the seminar on Zoom.  Ola Wendt is inviting you to a scheduled LU Zoom meeting.

TOPIC: KILU seminar

WHEN: Sep 22, 2020 03:00 PM Copenhagen

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